Lighting Rentals, Sales, and Production

Mega Diode Lighting Products Sells, rents, & Designs with the most advanced LED lighting systems on the market.  We are a Stage Lighting Sales Company who also offers rental and production Services.  We are Based in Las Vegas, but we have business Across the United States and many other countries spanning the globe. We have a Highly trained team of Lighting Technicians who thoroughly understand Lighting design and who constantly deliver High Caliber performance in all areas of their profession. We can guarantee your Experience will be Amazing.

Mega Diode is committed to leaving the world a better place than we found it. We have an ambitious goal of innovating the cutting edge of lighting technology. LED, which is an acronym for “Light Emitting Diode”, has been an amazing breakthrough in Stage and Architectural Lighting, and has become the new standard.

With many years in lighting Rentals, Sales and production, we have used our knowledge and expertise to develop a line of products that will light the world. Mega Diode proudly offers our signature series of our LED lights, they are Second to none. We offer a wide variety of professional-grade entertainment, architectural, industrial, Interior and Exterior  LED lighting fixtures. We can proudly call ourselves Mega because we Stock LED Products from Industries Across the Spectrum.

Whether you are the lighting designer for large scale concerts, or you are lighting your small business, Mega Diode Lighting Products can provide you with quality lights that are sure to impress. We remain continuously active in researching LED based technology’s to provide our clients with Innovative products that are at the highest level of development in the industry.

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LED Lighting Sales, Rentals and Production

Lighting Sales, Rentals, and Production Lighting Sales, Rentals, and Production